How to get the Khvostov rifle in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Clock em' with your Khvostov!

Destiny's icy Rise of Iron expansion comes along with new, juicy exotic weapons to find and rain merry death and destruction upon one's foes with. Zam's Destiny expert Steven Strom shows off how to nab the Khvostov 7G-0X, an auto rifle with a nasty rate of fire.

Here's a set of detailed instructions, if you aren't into video guides:

  1. Begin the quest either by dismantling a Khvostov 7G-02 (the first gun in the game), or by heading to the Plaguelands.
  2. If you don't have a Khvostov, or its schematic, kill Brood Mothers in The Plaugelands until one drops a Splicer Intel Relay. Brood Mothers are often the targets of assassination patrol missions in The Plaguelands.
  3. From the Lord's Watch in The Plaguelands, begin heading back to the Cosmodrome -- through the Rocketyards, and into The Divide.
  4. From The Divide, head to the Old Highway -- the place you spawn into Destiny in the very first mission in the game.
  5. A laser grid will block your path. Use the Intel Relay to unlock it.
  6. Continue through to the Old Highway, where a Fallen ketch (that huge spaceship in the distance) now waits.
  7. Board it, kill the enemies, and loot the chest at the back of the room to get a Khvostov Schematic.
  8. Acquire 10 "manual pages" by killing Fallen in The Plaguelands, while searching for the three necessary weapon parts.
  9. The first is in Dock 13, where you fought a Fallen captain, and got your first jumpship near the start of the game.
  10. The second is on the path through The Devil's Lair strike -- near where you fight two waves of enemies in front of a laser grid.
  11. The third is next to the first building you see in The Blast -- the part of The Devil's Lair where you fight a Fallen walker.
  12. Once you have every weapon part, and manual page, complete Shiro-4's final quest. The boss near the end will drop the rifle.