Watch: Finally, the best part of XCOM is available as a standalone demo

Turn your buddies into front line troops against the alien invasion in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's Propaganda Center.

Everyone knows the best part of XCOM is naming your squaddies after your friends and chronicling their promotions, specializations, and premature deaths. XCOM 2 significantly built out the character customization options for squad members, adding many more hairstyles and accessories. Now, in advance of XCOM 2's upcoming War of the Chosen expansion, developer Firaxis has debuted a standalone character generator for creating group and solo shots of all your geared-up, alien-squishing buddies.

Above, we do a quick run-through of Propaganda Center's customization options, which allow you to tailor a character's looks, loadout, name, and more. You can assemble up to five squadmates in a digital photobooth, selecting from a panoply of poses and positions to create your anti-colonial recruitment posters. Saved photos can be shared online with an in-game tool, and you can even export your character creations into War of the Chosen when the expansion launches later this month.

Propaganda Center is a free download you can get right now. War of the Chosen will retail for $39.99 when it launches on August 29th for consoles and PC.