9 Pokemon we think definitely belong in Pokken Tournament DX

Imagine how salty your opponent will get if you beat them with a living set of keys. Imagine it.

Pokken Tournament DX released on Switch in September, bringing the crossover fighting game to Nintendo's newest console. It also added additional characters -- including Darkrai and Empoleon. But, there are just so many Pokemon; there's no reason for the game to stop there. While the point of Pokken might not be to catch 'em all, that doesn't mean that it can't keep expanding its roster.

So, who else should show up in the brawl, maybe as potential future DLC? Well, with over 800 monsters, the possibilities are, understandably, dizzying. But don't worry, we went ahead and put together a list of nine such Pokemon that should join the likes of Charizard, Garchomp, and Shadow Mewtwo. And no, none of them are Pikachu with a new costume on. Sorry. (But, not really.)


Generation two has already sprung up in other places of the Poke-verse this year, both with its release in Pokemon Go, and the rereleases of Pokemon Gold and Silver on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Bringing a new Pokemon from Johto like the flying/psychic type Xatu into Pokken would only continue that trend, and give players another avenue to enjoy the second batch of critters that Pokemon introduced to the world. (It also looks like something out of Scientology. -ed)


Pokken Tournament DX already has a few ghoulish ghost types in its roster -- Chandelure, Gengar, and yup, even Decidueye -- but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for another ghost to join the fray.

On that note, Assassin's Creed Origins isn't the only videogame to draw inspiration from ancient Egypt. Back in Pokemon Black and White trainers met the haunted coffin, Cofagrigus. And, well, Cofagrigus' four ghastly arms are ready to throw other Pokken fighters around and show them the real meaning of the word ancient.

It's going to make them ancient history, in case that wasn't clear. 


Get out of here with the Klefki hate. Sure, it might only be a keychain, but it's a keychain Pokemon. It's awesome, and I won't hear any argument otherwise.

This fairy/steel type Pokemon was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS, where it unlocked the door to our hearts. Klefki would be joining Gardevoir (psychic/fairy type) on the roster, showing that fairy-types can be fighters, too. You could even say Klefki just might be the key to victory. 


The one, the only, the original: Mew is the mythical Pokemon that started it all and had a generation of players searching under trucks and scouring for clues to its mysterious whereabouts.  And yup, we were among them.

Mewtwo -- cloned from Mew -- is already in Pokken. Twice, actually, if we count Shadow Mewtwo. Including the origins of its DNA would give players the opportunity to recreate the pair's battle from the first Pokemon movie, and actually see who is strongest for themselves. Yup, it's time for a psychic battle, clone versus original.


Swans can be vicious, and Swanna, well, fits the bill. Who among us would not tremble at the sight of Swanna across the field of battle, feathers flared and beak polished to a fine and deadly point?

Sure, Pokken does have a few water type Pokemon in its ranks already, with Suicune, Empoleon, and Croagunk all playable fighters. But there's no so thing as too much water in a Pokemon game, right? It's time to let Swanna swim in to a victory. 


Let's get some love for Pokemon Sun and Moon's Alola region on this list. The newest region brought with it regional variants, and also some tropical themed new monsters, like Wishiwashi and Toucannon.

It was also the generation that introduced Palossand. Yup, it's a ghost sand castle. Yes, it has a shovel stuck on its head. And yes, it would be awesome to be able to pile drive other Pokemon in the ring with our little pal, Palo. Sand can cause all types of negative reactions, after all.


It's a sword and a shield. Do we really need to say anymore? Nope. Didn't think so. Moving on.


Vanilluxe is just too sweet to pass up. Much like Klefki, the ice cream cone Pokemon gets a lot of hate, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be able to serve up a cold dish of pain on Pokken's battle field.

And while some of Pokken's fighters make sense in a fighting game -- we’re looking at you, Machamp -- other inclusions in the roster have shown that out-there and off-kilter Pokemon can have a place, too. And Vanilluxe should join them.


Another Pokemon first introduced in generation two, Ampharos is the final evolution of the cute little sheep, Mareep.

So far, Pikachu -- and Pikachu Libre -- are the only playable electric-type Pokemon in Pokken, so Ampharos could remind players that yes, there are electric types outside of the mascot that everybody knows. Amphraos was also one of the older Pokemon to be given a Mega Evolution. And hey, look at that: Pokken makes use of Mega Evolutions! Ta-da! Let's bring Ampharos into the game and really turn things up to 11.