10 Gifts for Nintendo Fans

9 months ago by Willie Clark

Don't just settle for the first Pikachu thing you see on eBay. Here are some more inspired holiday gift ideas for the Nintendo nerd in your life.

It’s that time of year again. And with the changing of seasons  -- and the final stretch of days leading to the end of the year -- comes that festive time of gift giving. 

Searching for gifts can be frustrating though, and gamers can be quite picky. If you’ve got people on your list that are all “Mario rocks” or “OMG I love Zelda” or “Seriously I just want Mother 3,” yet you really aren’t sure what they are talking about and why the keep mentioning switching, have no fear. We’ve put together 10 gift ideas for that Nintendo fan in your life.

A giant Snorlax beanbag chair

Do you really love the person you are shopping for? Do you enjoy spending lots of money on them? AND do they also really love Pokemon? Then I have just the gift: A Snorlax beanbag chair.

It’s big and totally unnecessary, but sometimes that might be just what you’re looking for. Just make sure that your giftee actually has the space for this, and get ready for their awestruck reaction. You might win the holidays this year.  With a Snorlax.

Mushroom Castle Playset

Yes, it’s a recreation of Princess Peach’s castle. So, yes, technically, that makes it a princess-castle playset. Don’t judge: Anybody can want and enjoy princess castles, and this one is no exception. Part of the World of Nintendo line, this playset includes the castle and several figures, including Mario and Princess Peach herself.

It’s currently sold out on Toys ‘R’ Us, but keep an eye out. And don’t go for the scalpers on Amazon selling it for over double the price.

Mario Tea Mugs

Who doesn’t love tea? After a long day of stomping on Goombas, even Mario himself probably hangs up his hat, peels off his Koopa-soaked overalls, dives into a bath, and grabs a nice cup of Mushroom Kingdom Chai. Maybe. Or maybe not. Doesn’t really matter.

Either way, this mug is thematically appropriate. It’s just the mug to enjoy sipping tea out of this holiday season, while trying to ward off the rest of the dread that was 2017.  Good luck.

Oh, and we won’t let Mario take all the attention, either. There’s also a really sweet Luigi’s Mansion mug – yup, it glows in the dark! -- or a Boo mug, if you want to go with something that isn’t strictly just focusing on Mario, or if you have a younger sibling who is always craving the spotlight.

Mario Christmas Decorations

While you might want to gives these gifts out a little early so they can actually be used this year, there’re several options to pick from for those looking for Nintendo-inspired seasonal decorations.

First, for the top of the tree, there’s this Super Mario Star Tree Topper. If you want to light the way around the house with a golden glow, there’s also these Coin String lights. And, of course, there’s Pokemon and Mario ornaments, as well.

Chain Chomp Lamp

Nom nom nom.  Even geeks need light to guide their way, and this Chain Chomp Lamp is just waiting to guide your loved ones in the dark hours of winter. If someone you know decorates their home or office in a nerd nouveau style, look no further.  

Hero of Time LP

If you have a Zelda fan who loves music and vinyl, then check out this Hero of Time LP set.

Now, this isn’t the soundtrack from the game, but it is a one-hour arrangement based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s score, on two “rupee” colored vinyl records. Playing them backwards probably won’t slow down time, however.

Mario Rabbids Statues

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was one of the surprise hits of 2017. And if that special person in your life spent August and September yelling about rabbits and grids and narrating battle tactics in their sleep, one of these statues is probably a good bet.

There’s a few to pick from: You can get Rabbids dressed up as MarioPeach, Luigi, or Yoshi. Just make sure that they are actually fans of the game – or of Rabbids – first.

Breath of the Wild Comforter

Nintendo had not one, but two of this year’s biggest games, and started off the Switch’s busy release schedule with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in March.

But now it’s December and that means most places are going to be quite a bit cooler than they were in March. Cuddle up under this Breath of the Wild comforter, and dream of exploring wild lands and making sure that your favorite weapons don’t break.

Pokemon Loungefly Bag

Serious trainers who are trying to catch ‘em all are going to need a place to carry them all. Or, at least a place to carry all their phone chargers when they are running around in the cold playing Pokemon Go this winter.

Enter this Loungefly bag, with a really cool design that features a bunch of Pokemon from across the series’ long history, including Mewtwo, Vaporeon, and Jigglypuff.

There’s also a backpack and wallet if you wanted to go all out and get bonus points for matching accessories. Or some other designs, if they so suit you.

And if all else fails…

Gift cards. Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards. There have been a lot of new Nintendo Switch games this year, and chances are whomever you are shopping for didn’t buy every single one of them. But, unless you are really sneaky and somehow can figure out which games this person owns, it can be hard to know what they have already and what they don’t.

Pick up a Nintendo eShop gift card, and problem solved. While an eShop card may not be as creative as some of the other ideas on here, it will still do in a pinch.