A Nintendo vs Capcom fighting game? We have our dream roster all ready

Pikachu? Pfft. Make room for Tom Nook.

Yoshinori Ono wants to see Nintendo vs. Capcom happen, and well, I don't blame him. Especially in a post 'Ryu in Super Smash Bros.' world -- and with the support Capcom is finally giving the Switch -- a game that brings together the best of Nintendo and Capcom could actually, maybe, potentially, finally happen.

But, if it did, who should join the fighting echelons and represent both companies in the brawl? Of course, there are some staples that have to be in there: Mario, Link, and Pikachu would no doubt make apperances. That still leaves us plenty of room to imagine other fighters though.  Get ready to rumble, because this is going to be a long list. It's time to fight.

Nintendo's Side

Captain Rainbow

With the well-known characters out of the way, we can mine Nintendo's less popular franchises for character gold. Enter Captain Rainbow, the rainbow-clad hero from the game of the same name. It may have never gotten a release in the States, but that doesn't mean the mostly forgotten character couldn't use a second chance at some glory.  

Kiria Kurono

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was a fantastic JRPG, and while the Fire Emblem characters in it may be more familiar, let's have somebody fresh come up to the plate. With a microphone in hand -- and super stardom in her heart -- Kiria has already faced down evil mirages, so Capcom's fighters should prove no problem.

Need more convincing? Just go listen to this. You're welcome.

Doc Louis

Little Mac has had his time to shine, but that doesn't mean that another character from the same franchise can't throw his weight around in a different fighting game. Doc Louis has been giving Little Mac advice for years, but I think it's time to see him step back into the fray and put his money where his fists are. Or something like that.


He's big. He's bad. He's got weird stomach spike-things. And now he's ready to show some of Capcom's folk just how Nintendo baddies roll. Size restrictions be dammed, this giant Metroid villain has the girth to fight with the best out there. Ridley may be too big for Super Smash Bros. -- cue the eye roll -- but that shouldn't stop Kraid here.

Tom Nook

Image source: Nintendowire

Villager already got a chance to fight in Super Smash Bros., but there's another iconic Animal Crossing character (or should I say, villian?) who could also represent the series in a fighting game. The money-hungry Tom Nook could easily bring the bells -- and some smack downs -- to any show of fisticuffs.


This list could use some more witches in it, couldn't it? Ashley -- of WarioWare fame -- would give some representation to Wario's offshoot series of games, while also bringing in a magic user. And, well, she's the coolest girl you'll ever meet. It also would give more excuses to listen to this.

Emperor Bulblax

Another big, mean, and green fighting machine, Emperor Bulblax was the final boss in the very first Pikmin adventure. Captain Olimar -- and the Pikmin -- have already shown up in Super Smash Bros., and while they could be resized or adjusted, let's just take another giant baddie and give Kraid somebody to play with.  


Mallo may be from a puzzle game, but just look at the guy: He's already dressed ready to rumble. Sure, he's out of his element, but just because Mallo spends all day pushing and pulling blocks around doesn't mean he can't do the same to opposing fighters.


Ah, there we go. A staff user! Throwing some fighting-style variety into the mix, Krystal -- of Star Fox fame -- has somehow never managed to break into Super Smash Bros., but perhaps she could finally grace a fighting ring this time around.  


Last, but not least, we have the weirdest and wildest pick. While Wii Fit Trainer got to appear in Super Smash Bros., let's take things a step even further. Monita, from NintendoLand on the Wii U, might be a blue screen, but she does have one arm. That's all this monitor will need to bring some digitally concocted pain to CapcomLand.

Capcom's Side

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe and Nintendo have a history together, with the titular star's game first appearing on the GameCube a whopping 15 years ago. His series has gone quiet lately, though he has shown up in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. It's long past time for Joe to come back to a Nintendo console again.


Like Joe, Amaterasu (from Okami, but you probably knew that) has already shown up in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, making it another strong choice to represent Capcom's side of the show in a hypothetical Nintendo vs. Capcom. And, hey, maybe Capcom could release Okami HD on the Switch while it's at it, too.

Monster Hunter rep

Nintendo fans are still (rightfully so) licking their wounds over Monster Hunter: World, but the series has become one of Capcom's most successful. Some type of representation, especially on a Nintendo system, would be a no-brainer. Monster Hunter has also joined Marvel vs. Capcom, as well, so there's also precedent now for the series to take part in fighting games.


Oh, you thought Monster Hunter was only going to show up once on this list? How very, very wrong you were. We already bent the size rules with Kraid, so let's do the same thing again for Monster Hunter. Let's have a Rathalos burn some of Nintendo's best to a crisp. Rawr.

Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil's Leon also shares a camaraderie with Nintendo: Resident Evil 4 was initially a GameCube release, before it went on to be ported to every console under the sun. He's a character Nintendo fans are going to be familiar with, and also represents one of Capcom's biggest series, so his inclusion makes sense. Even to the undead.

Scrooge McDuck

The richest duck in the world isn't actually a Capcom character, but his videogame brand at least is forever tied up with the classic Capcom platformer. DuckTales got a remaster -- which did actually release on the Wii U -- a few years back, and while it would take some agreement from Disney, Scrooge and his cane would be more than welcomed.  

Phoenix Wright

After a long day of practicing law and yelling "Objection!" in the court room, Wright probably could use some time letting off steam. Punching Pikachu should just about do that, don't you think?

Oh, and, sure, somebody from Street Fighter

Let's be honest: Ryu is a boring choice. And, we've already seen him go fist-to-fist with Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros. It wouldn't be very exciting if this game just already copied what had been done before but with a different fighting format. Sorry Ryu.

Let's bring in anybody else from the franchise then. Chun-Li? Yeah, let's go with her.


Morrigan was one of my go-to fighters of choice in the Wii's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. Need any other reasons? Too bad.


Monita rounded out Nintendo's side of things, so let's dig deep as well for Capcom's last fighter, too. Dino Crisis gives us a chance to bring in a T-rex, and I'm going to take it and run with it. Well, not actually run with it, but you get the idea. Dinosaurs make everything better. Even fighting games. Probably. Maybe. Let's go with it.