Changing of the guard

I got these hands, these big zam hands.

Attention one and all:

I’ve been drafted by Zam to run websites that aren’t Kris Ligman now has sole control over the state of this website: they are rubbing their hands together and lightning is striking in the distance. What I am saying is: thank goodness, and watch out.

Thank you to all the very cool writers who have written for our website: I have loved paying you money and telling you to rewrite your shit. I have been very proud to see many folks I edited go on to better and more-permanent gigs elsewhere over the last two years, and I have also been very glad to see some of you get so good at writing that I don’t really have to tell you to rewrite your shit anymore. I hope everyone I have ever edited will continue to tell more and more people on the internet what their opinions are about videogames. It brings me joy.

As a grand gesture of departure, I have put 25 pages of Zam article content into a predictive keyboard and used it to write a manifesto about the current state of videogames. I stand by it 100% and will defend the principles established here on Twitter until I become too old to safely use a computer.

Game: my terrible feels

Games rarely criticized nostalgia, oft cheering wildly for nonsensical storytelling. I've felt hatred, possibly crying, lol. Your game seems correct when Ubisoft implants a good videogame in the game. If the writing is possible, we have the right to do it.

Meanwhile Bowser and Koopa sit in developer places, building spreadsheets about the location of Pokemon. If you like the kind of person who likes that, then join in.

The game itself is only as hard as you. Grief makes you feel like Disney; wherever Nintendo is based, you are going. The only reason you might die in this case is that you may wander off the edge of a cliff.

The first thing Yarny did when he arrived in hell was written in the middle of nowhere: everyone remembers it. Meanwhile everyone in my town will notice themselves on Facebook. The problem is that when you stop all this, we may cry. It is possible to build the story and also start the powerful trains. Minecraft inspired its players to assemble fraudulent debit cards.

I am very weak and also powerful enough to become a videogame.