The best budget guides for Hearthstone's Witchwood expansion

5 months ago by Hearthstone Top Decks Staff

Get to the top of your game without breaking the bank.

The Witchwood, the latest Hearthstone expansion, has launched just over a week ago. With 135 cards released, lots of new strategies and deck builds became viable. However, a new Standard rotation was almost as important as The Witchwood itself. The first expansion of each year marks the beginning of a whole new Standard year – our current one is called “Year of the Raven” and has made all of the 2016 sets unplayable in this format.

The meta game has evolved since the last expansion, and we understand that it might be a little hard to catch up with all of the changes. No matter if you’re a big fan of Hearthstone, just started playing, coming back after a break or you’re just planning to play the game, we’ve prepared a lot of resources – budget deck guides, meta deck guides and a complete guide for the new single player PvE content – Monster Hunt!

Budget Deck Guides

It’s true that Hearthstone can be really expensive, especially if you’re a brand new player. However, if you don’t want to grind for months, or spend your hard earned money buying packs, there is another way. We’ve prepared a budget Standard deck guide for each class. You can play your favorite Heroes without having to spend anything!

Each deck follows a very strict set of rules – all of the Epic and Legendary cards are excluded. With only Basic (Free), Common and Rare cards used, a total cost of these decks range between 1,000 and 1,800 Arcane Dust. However, realistically, unless you’ve just started playing, you should already own a lot of these cards, reducing the real cost to just a few hundred Dust (or less).

Each deck list is accompanied by a short guide, including general information about the deck, mulligan guide, a short section about play strategy and even potential card replacements (if you open a solid Epic or Legendary card, it might fit into one of those decks really well).

These decks should be a great starting point - if you practice enough you should cruise through the lower ranks! You can find a full list of Budget Decks here, or you can just click on your favorite class below and jump straight to the deck list & guide!

Monster Hunt Guide

Monster Hunt is the upcoming single player PvE content, launching on April 26th. If you’ve played the game during the last expansion (Kobolds & Catacombs), you should be familiar with the very similar content, called Dungeon Run. There are lots of similarities between the two, but some things were changed.

You pick one of the four unique Heroes, with Hero Powers and abilities that are very different from the ones you might be used to. For example – Toki, Time Tinkerer, who is an equivalent of the Mage class, will be able to repeat your turn again. Just like that! If your random spell didn’t work like you wanted it to work, you can try to do it again.

Each of the Monster Hunters will fight through the horde of beasts, ghosts and all kinds of abominations to reach the “final boss” – their nemesis. Those will be tough fights, but if you manage to beat them with each unique Hero, you will unlock one more fight – you will be able to face Hagatha the Witch herself (she’s the one responsible for turning the forest near Gilneas into its twisted, cursed state).

Want to read more information about the mode? Be sure to check out our full Monster Hunt guide, including all of the Heroes available (with their Hero Powers), enemies you will face and – soon after the release – strategies on how to beat the hardest bosses!

Meta Overview

Early days (sometimes even weeks) of the new expansion, especially at the start of a new Standard year, are very chaotic. The entire ladder is based around trial and error – dozens of new decks are tested every day and only some of them turn out to be viable. When you queue for a game of Hearthstone, you will find a nice mix of the archetypes we already know (and love or hate, depending on the individual preferences), as well as completely new decks.

One of the biggest surprised is the popularity (and strength) of the new Odd or Even decks. Those are built around one of the two cards, which boost your Hero Power after you meet a certain condition. If you put only Odd-costed cards and add Baku the Mooneater, she will upgrade your Hero Power at the start of each match. Alternatively, you can play only Even-costed cards and add Genn Greymane, who will make your Hero Power cost one mana less. While both effects are powerful, both also come at a pretty big cost, which is why many people didn’t think much of those Legendaries.

However, Baku & Genn decks aren’t everything. For example, two classes have very popular decks built around Spiteful Summoner. The card is interesting, because it reveals a random spell from your deck and then summons a random minion that costs as much as the spell. It promotes decks built with zero cheap spells, so you can consistently summon a big minion. The decks got even stronger, because a lot of “bad”, expensive minions have rotated out, which in turn means that the average body you summon from Spiteful is powerful.

If you’re a fan of slower, more strategic gameplay, that’s also fine! Between decks such as Cube Warlock, Control Priest, Big Spell Mage or Quest Warrior, you should find something that fits your taste. Each of those decks share some similarities. They all have a lot of strong, reactive tools (such as AoE board clears or single target removals), but also a relatively strong late game, which makes up for the fact that their early game is, well… not great. At the same time, each of them features a completely different strategy and game plan – one might want to combo down the opponent, another might want to amass massive amounts of Armor and “outlive” the opponent, and yet another one will upgrade its Hero Power and summon an infinite army of Elementals. Sounds fun? It sure is!

One thing can definitely be said about the current Hearthstone meta – it’s very diverse. No matter what kind of play style you prefer, you should find a perfect deck for yourself. Below, you will find a full list of decks that were already heavily playtested in this early Witchwood meta. Keep in mind that the meta changes dynamically, and some of those decks might not work as well as they do now or a week or two from now!

Besides the deck list, you will also find a detailed guide for each of those archetypes. How to mulligan, how to play the deck and what card substitutions you can use in case you don’t own some of the more expensive options. Most of the guides are already updated for The Witchwood expansion, but if the one you want to read is outdated – don’t worry, just visit us again in a few days and the guide should already be up to date!










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