Watch: PLAGMADA, the museum where D&D characters go when they die

4 months ago by Zoyander Street

Your half-elf dual-class druid-sorcerer may only exist for as long as her campaign runs, but Jim Hutchings sees something more.

What happens to your D&D character sheets after the campaign ends? Do you save them? Toss them out?

If you're Tim Hutchings, it might wind up in PLAGMADA, the Play-Generated Map and Document Archive.

Hutchings collects the ephemera we create when we play tabletop games, from character sheets and dungeon maps to tokens and custom rulesets. His one-of-a-kind archive pays tribute to player creations that "are valuable specifically because people don't value them."

In our latest short subject documentary from Zoyander Street, we take a look inside PLAGMADA's collection of player documents, representing years of creativity and dedication to lore, stories, and characters!