Zam is now ReadySet

3 months ago by Kris Ligman

Zamdotcom is dead, long live Zamdotcom.

So, uh, hey! I expected to have more lead time for this, but welcome to phase one of our evolution into ReadySet!

Zam is a cool name, not the least because it's a three-letter URL and it sounds fast. But it never really made sense for to be a general interest game news-and-reviews site when Zam Network is best known for its data-oriented fansites, like Wowhead and Lolking. After discussing the matter with network management, it was decided that, the URL, would become the destination for our new network site, while, the site, would live on under a new name.

Choosing the new site name turned into a far bigger ordeal than I would ever have expected. There are still internal documents here at the company that refer to it as "Paradigm" or another placeholder name. But I believe ReadySet best captures what I have always envisioned to be: comfortable, friendly, energetic, gender-neutral, and above all playful.

When Laura Michet and I developed the groundwork for this site back in late 2015, our concept was a game news site for adults. People with busy lives who wanted to stay abreast with the world of games, without necessarily devoting their entire waking moment to it. People who had interests and hobbies that included but were not limited to games. We wanted to create a site that neither condescended to readers nor held things at such an impenetrable level of capital-D Discourse that you felt like you had to belong to a special club to belong.

We didn't always succeed. Actually, given that at its busiest this site consisted of exactly three people, you could argue that we never really got off the ground, despite Laura's and my efforts. (And Danielle Riendeau, whom you should definitely check out at Waypoint!) ReadySet isn't aiming to be a robust news site, but it will continue focusing on digestible information for adults, from primers and explainers to videos of things that actually make sense in video format.

Oh also here's our cool new logo, which will hopefully make its way to the upper left corner sometime soon. Memorial Day weekend and all.

Thanks for sticking with us for two and a half years. We're small, and kind of scruffy, but we've worked to give it our all since Laura and I were brought aboard this project. While Laura and Danielle have both moved on to greener pastures, I'm proud to carry on their work as ReadySet and keep bringing you interesting, substantial original content.

-Kris Ligman
Editor in Chief, ReadySet