Watch: Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to basically everything you know

3 months ago by ReadySet Staff

Ewww how am I going to get those stains out?

Legendary Xbox indie Super Meat Boy has spread its stubby, fleshy limbs to many a platform, but Super Meat Boy Forever is a whole new take on the modern-day classic.

A procedurally-generated endless runner, Super Meat Boy Forever combines the punishing difficulty of the original with the unpredictability of a random number generator. We need hardly explain to you what an endless runner is at this point -- there were a ton of them just a few years ago -- but Super Meat Boy Forever looks unique in terms of the sheer diversity and recombination of its modular procgen bits.

ReadySet was fortunate to get a quick hands-on with the game during E3 week. Below, we have an extra-juicy explainer going into even further detail about what Super Meat Boy Forever adds to the mix. It's bound for all major platforms (including mobile!) soon.

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