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October 9, 2015 by Laura Michet

Out with the Everquest, in with the new

Hey guys! My name is Laura Michet, and I’m the new editor at Over the next few months, you’ll be seeing some major changes here. We’ll be posting new kinds of stories about a wider variety of games. I'd like to tell you about myself, about those changes, and about how you can contribute!

The biggest change on the horizon is that is going to start covering more than just MMOs. In addition to the massively-multiplayer games we support elsewhere on the Zam network, will cover a wider variety of games across all genres and most platforms. We’ll provide day-to-day games news, review major releases, cover events, and publish opinion, criticism, and feature writing. This change won’t happen instantaneously, but you should see the effects take hold over the next few months.

The other big change is that will be paying freelancers! This is a big step forward for the site, and we’re very excited to work with the best freelancers we can possibly find. If you have proven writing experience and something fresh and inquisitive to say about games--whether that be a personal story, a researched feature piece, or anything else-- please get in touch with me at

...Woah, this announcement ended up being pretty short, didn’t it? It looks like I have space to give myself an interview.

Laura: Who are you?

Laura: My name is Laura Michet. I recently started working for Zam, and I’m taking over as editor of the homepage.

Laura: What new stories are you most excited to work on?

Laura: To be honest, I’m most looking forward to getting in touch with feature writers who can tell wild stories about topics I’ve never heard about before. Feature writing about the more-unusual corners of the games industry has always been my favorite kind of games writing, and I’m looking forward to helping bring more of that into the world!

Laura: What are your favorite games?

Laura: I spent most of my childhood recreating ancient sea battles in Age of Empires. These days, my tastes are pretty omnivorous-- I play almost everything except racing games and Madden. My recent favorites have been Dragon Age: Inquisition, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Witcher 3, and The Beginner’s Guide.

Laura: Hey, I don’t see any MMOs on that list...

Laura: I played World of Warcraft during Lich King-- horde all the way-- and was an absolute GW2 fanatic for the first six months after it came out. These days, it’s a little hard for me to invest the necessary time into my favorite MMOs. But if you want some super dumb stories about the time I spent three whole months as a dedicated golem driver in Blackgate WvW, portal-chaining all over the damn place every night of the week, hit me up.

What’s the first game you ever played?

This. Belonged to my mom! It was already ancient by the time I got it. I think my family still owns it somewhere, actually.

Laura: Marvel or DC?

Laura: Marvel all the way. I’m a huge comic book nerd. If Marvel Studios ever does a cinematic-universe adaptation of Planet Hulk, I could die happy. Right there. Bam. Dead on the ground, no regrets.

Laura: What do you think about Hearthstone?

Laura: I am possibly the least good-at-Hearthstone person to ever exist on Earth. One day there will be a statue of me playing Hearthstone installed at the bottom of the ocean and it will bear the engraving MOST BAD AT HEARTHSTONE, 2015-PRESENT. I’m sorry. I know. I’m an embarrassment to Zam.

Laura: Cats or dogs?

Laura: Both. Just mix em together in a hamper and leave it on my doorstep, thanks.

Ok-- that wraps up all the critical information about the changes we have planned for Follow us on twitter at @zamOfficial to keep up to date!